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School Management Structure
The Management structure of King's Park International  School comprised of a Governing Board and Trust Council made up of professional men and women with diverse experiences and interests in the society and who are committed to educational development.

The Governing Board and Trust Council determine policies and formulate broad policy guidelines for the routine running of the school under the leadership of the school Proprietress.

School Administration
This body oversees the daily administration and general supervision of the school. In addition, they ensure a faithful implementation of the Government’s current Universal Basic Education Programme as it affects Primary Schools.

The Head-Teacher is the coordinator of all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the School as well as managing and supervising all operational inputs of all the teaching and non-teaching staff. The Head-Teacher is responsible to the Proprietress of the school as the point of contact of the operations of the School.

The Proprietor, Head-Teacher and all teaching and non-teaching staff are regarded as members of one big happy family and have been recruited strictly on a meritocratic basis to preserve the standards set forth by the founder.

All Staff at the School are remunerated very much above the industry prevailing rate to ensure the quality of teaching and to embed enthusiasm in the School's ethos.

The combination of the above and the belief in the higher purpose of the School is responsible for the high staff morale and motivation and low staff turnover.

King's Park International School also invests in staff training and development to enhance professional growth and career development.

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